Voidship: The Long Journey V0.8 alpha demo released!

Hi itch.io!

This is a major update to the previous alpha demos that I've uploaded. I'm getting much closer to release and this is a big milestone update for me. All feedback would be much much apreciated. Thank you!

There are too many changes to list everything new. So I will list the major additions and major fixes only. I've integrated loads of smaller feedback balancing, stability and quality of life wise from all feedback given on itch.io, my discord, twitter etc.

Major Changes:

1. New crew portraits + new most dialogue graphics. The difference should be pretty giant in quality. This is release quality stuff.
2. Added about 20% more new scenarios and events. There is a completely new "find an allied fleet and help them" scenario. There are a bunch new interactions with friendly bases and friendly inhabited planets.
3. Added new crew skills: Instructor: Teaches civilians on your ship and increases the chance of new officers being spawned while travelling the void. Merchant: Haggles all the prices at any friendly station you visit down.
4. Added ship name choosing (you can also write your own). Your ships name also gets mentioned in dialogues at times now. So you can use your imagination here if you want ;).
5. Fixed a giant memory leak I had in a core script. This should stop the game crashing while playing for longer periods. @kahar205 6. Fixed (with a 90% probability) loading a previously saved game crashing the game. This means less autosaving though regretfully for now. No autosave when leaving or completing the battlemap. Only when travelling to new places.
7. So many new tiny crashes fixed.
8. A heap of rebalancing and other input taken in from all of you and put into the game.

This is a milestone release and getting much closer to final version now. With all the new graphics, some scenario additions, skill additions etc.  Link here:

Go to the game page to download it:
Join the discord to give me feedback and discuss what you played:

Thank you all for your support and awesome feedback getting the game here!


Voidship 0.8D.zip 59 MB
Jul 13, 2018


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love the update but i found a glitch where the ramming frigates can push your satellites out of bounds and get stuck