Voidship v0.82 up now!

Took a break for two weeks, but I'm now back at dev.  :). A lot of small changes here and a few big ones. Fixed some major issues which might not be that flashy, but were bringing the game down a lot.

1. Possibly fixed the biggest bug I've had. The save game corruption issue. Regretfully this won't make old save games work since those are corrupted. There might be possibly some secondary bugs with this. So please tell me if a save game crashes again!
2. Coded an event that happens when you run out of crew. You get to train a crewmember.... But it takes 5 years. Meaning everyone else ages 5 years and the enemy levels their fleets up for 5 years.
3. Added an ion nebula map with hazardous space weather.
4. Crew fixes and balances:
Crew can now die in dialogues.
Game now starts out with more varied crew ages.


Voidship 0.82D.zip 60 MB
Aug 30, 2018

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