Released demo v0.821. Quick hotfix to a bug in the previous one.

Hotfix to the last demo. Alpha version 0.821.

1. Fixed the corrupted savegame issue. Again. This time I managed to recreate it on my machine though so there is a larger likelyhood that it will work this time. You can load corrupted saves from the 0.82 game version without crashing with this version. (Thank you @programical)
2. You can go for 6 systems in this demo. (was in 0.82 aswell, but I forgot to add it to the changes).
3. Crew price rebalances. Buying crew is more expensive now.
4. Can not return to the same system you are leaving in the system map. (Thanks for reminding me of this one @Worm ! )


Voidship 60 MB
Sep 02, 2018

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